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Security Training

Have a browse to see what you like

Health Social Care Training

We offer a variety of SVQs

Bar License Training

We offer SCPLH training required for bar work.

Buy Phentermine Prescription Online


HSC Training are a private training provider who specialise in delivering SIA Security Training, Health and Social Care training and Health and Safety Executive First Aid at Work qualifications. We consider our reputation as a training provider to be of the highest standard, providing professional training and top quality service to you, our clients.

With a strong UK presence, we have the confidence to say we are leading the way in training throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on providing the highest of standards and the most up to date training available. HSC Training will assist you in gaining your chosen qualification.

All of our trainers have in-depth knowledge, experience and training in their respective training sector.

As a quality approved training provider we ensure that you will receive a level of support which is second to none. HSC Training look forward to hearing from you and look forward to meeting you on your chosen course for your new career.


Buy Phentermine Prescription Online

HSC Training is Scotland’s number one provider for SIA Security Training in the UK. We provide high quality Door Supervisor courses, CCTV Operator courses as well as Close Protection Training. Our FPOS training and First Aid training are designed to give you the best knowledge and hands-on experience of the medical field.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best security training in the UK and work very hard to achieve this. To view all of our SIA Security Training Courses in the UK, visit each of the pages below:

First Aid Training / FPOS Training

SCPLH Training/ REHIS Food Hygiene Training

Buy Xanax Dublin to discover more about obtaining an SIA Security License in the UK and what is involved.


SIA Training Glasgow