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HSC Training was established to achieve considerable success by working closely with our clients. We understand the needs and aspirations of all our clients and provide you the most up to date training to satisfy your long-term objectives. These objectives can be varied such as becoming a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence holder or gaining a food hygiene certificate. We prepare you to gain a formal qualification in a variety of field such as: Security; Health and Social Care; Food Hygiene; First-Aid; Maritime Anti-Piracy; Health and Safety and Licence Trade.

We think an effective learning environment should be challenging, thought provoking, enabling and above all fun. Our vision is to become the number one training provider throughout the UK and to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction.

We look forward to welcoming you on your chosen course.


With 24 training locations, HSC Training offers a second-to-none convenience by having a presence in every major city within mainland UK.

Save Money

Our prices are highly competitive and each course delivers a great value for your money.

Easy Booking

With our easy-to-use online booking system, you can secure your place on one of our courses in less than two minutes. All payments are safe and secure and all course information will be emailed to you automatically before your course starts.

Our affiliates