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The FPOS course will teach you the skills associated with rapid assessment, stabilisation and transfer of both trauma victim and those suffering a medical emergency.  You will develop and gain a foundation knowledge enabling you to work individually or as part of a team in a variety of situations and locations in any part of the world.

This 5 day FPOS course is approved by Edexcel and is IHCD (Institute of Health and Care Development) managed. The training includes both theoretical lectures and realistic practical sessions designed to offer students the opportunity to practice new-found skills.

Instructors host a variety of experience with backgrounds including; military medics, civilian paramedics, CP Operators; all with hostile environment operational experience.  This is what sets us apart from our local competitors who have no hostile environment experience.


Guided Learning Hours: 5 days

Assessment Method: Theoretical lectures and realistic practical sessions

Certification: Edexcel


Topics covered:

The Pre Hospital Environment

•           The role of FPOS

•           Scene safety

•           Minimising risk of infection

•           Post-incident procedures

•           Scene management

•           Safety

•           Triage


Patient Assessment

•           Communicating with patients

•           Primary survey and assessment

•           Safe moving and handling


Respiration and Airway Management

•           Recognition of respiratory problems

•           Recognition of respiratory problems

•           Common breathing difficulties

•           Basic airway management

•           Causes of blocked airway

•           Opening and maintaining a clear airway



•           Use of suction

•           Removal of crash helmets

•           Use of oro-pharyngeal airways

•           Oxygen supplementation


Basic Life Support

•           Perform basic life support

•           Recovery position

•           Perform child and infant basic life support



•           Automated external defibrillation

•           Normal / abnormal heart rhythms


Circulation and Shock

•           Recognition and initial care of haemorrhage

•           bleeding

•           shock


Medical Related Emergencies

•           Heart attack/angina

•           Diabetes

•           Stroke

•           Epilepsy

•           Unconscious patient

•           Asthma / anaphylaxis


The course can be delivered in-house or at any of our training venues throughout the UK.

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