SCPLH Licensed Trade



Product Description

Guided Learning Hours: 7

Assessment Method: Multiple Choice Questions for Units 2 & 3

Certification: SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority)


People looking to work in licensed retail premises whose employment prospects would be enhanced by possessing the personal licence qualification.


The qualification consists of 3 mandatory units to the Scottish Personal Licence Holder and candidates will be provided with a clear understanding of the framework of law and regulations which underpin the responsibilities of the personal licence holder.


The 3 units are as follows:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Licensing

Unit 2 – Responsible Operation of Licensed Premises

Unit 3 – Effects of irresponsible operation of Licensed Premises on Society and Health


SQA Certificated.

Additional Information


Kilmarnock, Glasgow

SCPLH Course Dates

8th July, 9th April, 22nd October


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